I made a video about how I abuse the siege mechanics to solo Towns... I mean hey Nooobz do you wanna GET GOOD?!?! Come and see epic pro gaemer gaaemn!

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I've been talking about about this for a year now but I made one of those new fangled captioned MOVING picture with music showing what I do!
I play the game completely wrong and enjoy it immensely as I massacre entire towns of bots without risking a single soldiers life!

Also, HeY KiDz are you a bad enough dude (or Dude-ette') to stomach all 8 minutes of intense npc torture?! Bet you can't last for the whole thing! 😎
Are you eardrums bad enough to last through the copy right detection dodging (well SOMEBODY can make an AI to outsmart me anyways...) audacity abused soundtrack?
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You must be bored out of your mind to do this. Good stuff though, 5/7.
I remember in the past some people were dedicated to doing outrageous things in a game and tried to violate it to the maximum, in a fun way. Using cheats was okay too, as long as they were doing novel, outrageous things.
They were scouring a game's forum for new exploits, glitches and cheats, and imagined funny scenarios where these could be useful, then went ahead with their plan, while documenting it, so anyone could repeat it.


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How to clear the permanent wounded bug from failing prison breaks, NOW IN THE STABLE VERSION OH ****ing BOY!
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