I love Bannerlord, but... (always a but)

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Bannerlord is very serious, isn't it? I dont think I've experienced anything in the game so far that pulled a smile, other than happy accident funny bugs and glitches; ragdolls, baby-lords, etc.
It has nothing that make me think that TW also had/have a fun time developing Bannerlord, something I think was really showing and shined through in Warband.

Im particularly thinking about the bandit voice acting, the things they say and how they say it.

The voice acting is just excellent, 10/10.

They have a huge part in making Warband a legendary game. This is just one example, theres many others.

I dont expect or ask that TW do the exact same thing, but I wish there was abit of humor here and there. It is a computer-game after all :grin:


I think everysingle dialoge and line should have voice. Especially our own characters. And there gotta be option to Open/Close our characters voice for the players that don't wants to play with voice.But bandits, they should have their old voice lines back from Warband. It makes me happy to hear them :grin:
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