I like the game but i dont think i can take It anymore...

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I really liked the game, It was pretty Fun for most parte, but the more i played, the more frustrated i became.
Honestly, playing It for a longe time Just showed me how incomplete the game is imo.

1 - how stupid the vassalos are. They vote for stupid laws, they always want to declare war at the worst time, and they want to fight more than 1 faction at once most times. I Just hates How moronic the vassalos are. And How they never protect their cities or castles or Just let them Rebel, Messing with Wars because they rather go siege rebels than factions at war with us

2 - workshops and caravans are useless. Workshops dont even seen to be properly working and caravans Just dont give enough profit to make it worth the money spent.

3 - the "main Quest" is Just stupid, what i hate the most is the time limite, because it give a pressure If you are trying to do achievments.

4 - this is what i hate the most, How the damn aí keeps cheating. I Just hate How they have infinite armies. I Destroy 2k armies just to see the same lord with the same army again and again. Honestly, its not Fun forcing me to execute every lord If i want to Win. If you fixed the stupid aí everything would be better.
It is Just lazy giving cheats to ai just because they used to be captured all the time instead of maybe fixing bandits or lords' behavior.

5 - no diplomacy. It Just sucks not being able to Ally with other factions or make lords hate each other
Welcome to Bannerlord I guess. Thats sadly how the game works.

Concerning workshops and caravans however you might want to search for a tutorial on youtube. Since the last patch the way these work have changed.

Long story short: You have to be careful where and what workshop you set up. You need to make sure that the item you are producing is in high demand / demands high prices in the town you are producing. Also raw materials should be in villages nearby. And lastly there shouldn't be other workshops in the same town or towns nearby which produce the same as you do. If any of that is the case your products won't sell high enough to generate profit. Since the last patch if your workshop isn't able to generate any profit it will cease production for the time being. That is not a bug but a feature.
Agree to all, but the AI and vassals being stupid is the worst part for me. What's sad is they were slightly better before version 1.1.0, they used to help more once you have enough of them, now they barely do anything even when you have 60 clans running around. You have 8X the power of the rest of the map and somehow little poo poo armies can walk up and take a fief and nobody notices. Somebody said they think the siege gear is giving the AI an auto calc bonus in normal fights at the siege camp too and that's what's making the AI not attack anyone sieging, would explain it a bit.
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