I just watched AI in the Arena kill a spearmen with his fists.

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I'm the last person to care about balance, I'm more focused on you adding more content and making the game more sandboxy and less E-sport, but seriously, you need to buff spears. I love that you added an overhand attack, but they are so weak, I just watched an AI, get glitched out, switching from jav to spear, and he beat 2 other AI spearmen with his fists. Spears are one of the deadliest weapons in all of history, a guy with his fist, should NEVER, be able to kill two spearmen. You done goofed.


Everybody complains about the spear damage. And I do too, but to me the worst offender are the animation lengths and minimal distance for damage.

Spears should be less effective in super close range but not useless.

Spears should be the quickest strike weapons short of daggers.

If these two things got fixed, I think I could live with their crappy damage.
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