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I just noticed something.. Please shread some light.

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I recently made a visit to Sturgia. None of my party leaders had been there. Only carvans owned by me had pass there.
I usually don´t need to recruit from villages. I get my recruits from hideouts mostly.
But all the troops i was offered was of better tier. Should not that be controlled by relation?
I think it's mostly dependent on the amount of time passed since the last time any unit was recruited from that slot and maybe also notable power. But relation comes into the formula for the later slots often because the troops in the later slots can't be recruited by most lords, as most of them might not have enough relation to recruit from that slot (probably only lords that own the settlements have enough the recruit from the 5th & the 6th slots have high enough relation). Also lords do benefit from perks, and iirc they also have a baked-in cheat where they can recruit from 1 more slot by default (so on average 3 default slots if relation >=0 & +x from perks and maybe +1 in the rare chance they completed quests for the village).
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Explains why most run around with 90% tier 1-3.
Maybe it would be better if clans got their new party troops from their own garrison fiefs. Boost the garrison volenteringen and training.
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