I increased the army of darkness

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      Increased the number of people in the dark detachments, mainly to strengthen them after the passage of the plot, because they are strongly crushed by the other factions.
    Also increased the number of forest sisters 2 times, so they tormented the faction of the traitor, who works with the dark.
    Increased the dark pilgrims 5 times (the detachment with Ymira is unchanged), they are so weak that they can even be scattered solo, dark killer 2 times, dark knights 1.5 times.
    Regarding the detachments after passing the plot of the dark avengers 4 times, the Hel squad 3 times (quest unchanged), the Fenrir squad 4 times, Jormungand squad 3 times (quest unchanged).


    Replace the file in the folder with the module and before that copy it in case you don’t like these
changes. I passed the game without any problems.
    And in order for the changes to take effect, you will have to start a new game, if these units have not
yet appeared on the map in your game, then the changes should work.

P.S. I translated the text with the help of Google translator, i hope that everything is clear. :roll:
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