I have tow suggestions,how do you think about it?

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Sun Tzu

Some mod maps is too big (like 1257ad).It’s too hard to manager a country and the lords when the country’s territory  became big . So I thinked maybe author can set up the theater cammander function .If a countery is too big ,make the country into several theaters,every theater have a  lord as the commander ,the commander have certain autonomy ,the commander can call together lords in his theater and lead the lords to independent operation .But as the king ,player can mananger all the theaters Unified.
  The second suggestion,Strengthen castle’s effect .You can’t through a bridge ,mountain pass and wharf if a castle bulld on the bridge , mountain pass and wharf and if you are hostile with the country of the castle .This will strengthen the strategic significance of castle.I think author maybe  change the maps and set up more strategy castles like this,and form defense lines with this kind of castles,if we hold this kind of castles ,we hold the homefront and engage the enemy outside .
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