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I guess there's no harm in discussing battlefield hacks now...

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Seeing as we'll be getting a new system for generating battlefields soon... there's no harm in discussing how we cheese the current battlefields now.

My favourite battlefield cheese, occurs when confronted with the infamous canyon map:


It is possible to jump, or walk your horse to get above the rocks in the canyon walls. Once up there, you can walk along the top of the canyon until you're above the enemy. You can then shoot them at your own discretion (take plenty of arrows). Enemy armies will get so enraged that they will try to chase you off - while being unable to pathfind their way to you through the rocks... and they'll be so infatuated with you right there above them, that they wont notice the 100 archers you have instructed to fire into their backs. Nor will they notice the perfect cavalry charge into their rear. It is possible, to see off a very large army even with a relatively small party, without even resorting to retreating-scumming.

It is also possible to target the enemy generals from up there to instigate a complete rout of enemy forces without a major engagement - enabling the capture of hundreds and hundreds of prisoners.

Tell me your battlefield exploits that will become redundant once the new battlefield system comes out...


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I mostly just position ranged to fire on the enemy, or wait at the back of map if there's a lot of enemy cav or HA, then go alone and attack in order HA, Cav, Ranged, often you can snipe Cav from safety because of how they position themselves, then eventually they charge and I stop any remaining Cav in the line of fire and then keep pulling back or corner to corner, then split HA into 2 groups and pull one to the side or rear of enemy, then charge right before they rout. I don't think I have any map dependent tactics, just hill = good, not get troops hit/shot 1st = good, kill groups separate from other groups = good.

There are some maps I just retreat out of because I recognize them as crap and possibly interfering with the bots functioning too.
I lure large Cavalry heavy armies into a village, they get stuck everywhere and attack me in a column. I use my archers until his horses reach the house where my 2h infantry troops are taking cover, they chop the horses as they turn the corner. Most fun was when Jawwal caught my army and demanded tribute near a village, his Camels died so fast 🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪 = 🍖🍔🥙🍔

Tactic BBQ & Beer.

Lord Doom

When enemy is reluctant to attack (generally only when they're outnumbered), do a solo skirmish. Snipe off one of the their flanking cav units, melee them if they chase, then kill commanders to crack morale, and then ranged units. When archers route, follow them out of enemy range before killing, loot arrows and begin again.
Did they ever fix that weird thing where AI-controlled divisions bug out and the men run around in random circles in field battles?
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