I can't capture a city!!! Help please.

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Hi there
Sorry if I have missed something very basic etc... but here is the deal.
Playing 1805 (1.0B on win 7)
(having played a lot of mab mods before).
I have not joined a faction (wondering if this could be the issue)
and am trying to take my first city (Munich).
I've cleared all the orginal Barvians out... but when I've retreated from a seige and go back to check how many troops are left until it's mine...
I find that it (Munich) has filled up with allsorts of crazy new troops (Hightlanders, Serbian Rebs etc)!!! Some times there is even more troops in the city after
the seige action is over than before it started!!
I don't get it.
Can anyone help with this please?
P.S apart from the above I'm really enjoying the mod and keen to get on with the action. Thanks.
Wait a minute... You assaulted Munich and killed all Bavarians it it? Why didn't you take the city then?
Anyway, it's an impressive feat (I bet you use Jaegers). Congratulations for coming that far!

But well, officers can recruit all sorts of troops from the recruitment officer in the city (and among them are indeed highlanders & serbs), although I never saw any of them recruit other troops than his faction's (exept when freeing & recruiting prisoners, of course). I recommend you to join a faction; I think the game doesn't allow you to take a city when beginning on your own (just my thought, it could be an other reason);

I remember joining in siege assaults with my Portugese and Wuerttemberger allies, with my company of Austrian grenadiers... Great times (although I never got a city on my own).

Wait, I remember some issues with faction relations: When I once helped some deserters against some enemies, all the deserters became friendly to me (I couldn't fight them and they didn't attack me, and AI parties never engaged them although weaker parties still ran away from them). When some time later this savegame got corrupted (it was my best! Buhuu!) I reasoned this relation issue (when I got positive/neutral relations with a bandit faction) was the cause of the corruption of the file.

Maybe your siege issues come from the fact that you enter hostilities with a faction while yourself being no faction? I think there's a rather complex faction-relations system in AoB:E1805 (with the coalition & France's allies), and that actions like these could cause weird problems in-game.

Anyway. Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. Yes there were a few Jaegers on board.
Joined a faction (guess I won't get to keep the city if I capture it now)...
...but it didn't work.
I got the number of troops in the city down to 40 before having to withdraw.
So the next wave should have nailed it easy. But at the end of the next attack I had killed 120!!! With 240 remaining!!
It is like they reinforce mid seige.
I don't know... and it all makes me feel like giving up.
Again thanks for your time.


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Hmm strange. I believe nobody else has this problem.
But you said you retreat from siege. Are you sure no enemy vassal was on the way to help that city? And in the time you retreated, they entered the city to reinforce them.

I suggest you should have enough men to conquer the city in one time.
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