I am a rebel and a kingdom declared war on us?

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Hello, I have started a revolt for swadia and have taken just about all of their land, but for some reason the nords have declared war on me... Is this a bug or what is going on? How is this even possible?
It happens, more often than not when the Rebel faction is bigger than the original, and for the same reasons that it could happen to any other faction, because you're too big, because you have a castle or city that belonged to them, because they consider the swadian rebels an easy target, etc.

Even if you end Swadia now and win the rebellion, you will still be at war with those discount vikings, so beat the crap out of them and destroy their leadership, so they only field rabble.

Good hunt.
Ahhh... Thank you well that will be quite difficult considering they control about two of the cities swadia once held and another is taken by vaegres with only praven left, but yeah I think they declared war on us because one of their lords for whatever reason defected too us.
Okay not only the nords but the vaegres and rhodocks have the nords declared war for lost territory, and the vaegres? I don't have any of their land and the rhodocks joined for whatever reason...
the different kingdoms like to gang up on the most vulnerable faction, they can be weaker than them but factions also attack stronger enemies if the defender faction is already at war with multiple factions, just try to survive long enough to get truces and retain all of your territory and they'll go back to beating each other up again
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