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The mod tries to cover the era of the Golden Horde invasion into Hungary.

If you would like to experience the invasion of the Golden Horde and Genghis Khan into Europe this is your choice. The focus is on Hungary but it covers some other major factions in Europe. Mongols, Latin empire, Poland, Holly Roman Empire, France, Castile etc.
The sandbox game starts at 1238, few years before the destruction of Hungary by the Mongol Invasion.

This is a mod developed for my own enjoyment and I add as much as I can regularly.
If you want to try it.. enjoy. Keep in mind it's really early beta or rather alpha. So if you do not enjoy it feel free to not play it :smile:

Hungary - v1.0.0 (available in steam workshop)
  1. This is only for Sandbox campaigns. The module is focused on Hungary and it's surroundings.
  2. The new game first load can take some time. Be patient. The next loads should be fast, however if I push out a new map scene it can take longer again.

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I note 1241 map above, not 1238 start pos.
Here Constantinople et al are all in an Imperial purple ie including Nicaea - is this a strong and expansionist ( " Vlandian " ) Latin Empire ?
Or in this game did Byzantine rump Nicaea strike back in a " 20 years early " blitzkrieg ?
And Bulgaria has already been conquered by the Mongols.

As a concept, I wonder if the Mongol invasion force could have to set up mobile base camps ?
These logistics " tent cities " could become targets for European strategic counterattacks ...........to derail the tumans ........

On reflection, I feel your map is too ambitious.
I think it is really great that the game's focus is on Subutai's invasion of Poland and Hungary.
So how about a more zoomed - in map bounded between the Rhine and the Dnieper, between the Baltic southern shore and, say, Crete - Tunis ?
Say spanning west to east Cologne to Kiev, going around north to south Kiel / Lubeck - Danzig - Vilnius / Minsk / Polotsk / Vitebsk ( and maybe just as far as Smolensk ? ), down through Kiev to Constantinople - Nicaea, Rhodes, to Crete, back west to Tunis, up through Sardinia - Genoa / Turin - French Alps / Swiss cantons - the Rhine - Hamburg / Holstein ?
Good natural / military map boundaries
This keeps the theatre of operations coherent re Central and Eastern Europe, and Subutai's scope and capabilities.
For instance AD 1257 mod was amazing, but really too sprawling in its scope, and the huge map scale was at the cost of coherence and interesting granular local geographical strategic and tactical detail eg the countries were too small and simplified.
A more contained, rationalised, map here may be a ton of map making etc work. However, we would not be interested in France, or Spain, or the Moors, so less distraction there, and a lot less work on that far front at least.
The only " Aserai " would be Hafsid Tunis. Just for novelty, really ( and the SW map corner ).
" Battanians" for Lithuanians ( forest, tough archers ) in the NE corner.
" Vlandians " as Latin Empire, Germans, etc.
The SE corner would be Byzantine rump Nicaea ( in the East, sure, but echoing the BL " Western Empire " in a way, as the best of the Imperial Army, including the Varangian Guard, rallied there in 1204 ), down to Rhodes. The Sultanate of Rum would be " outside " this game.
" Sturgians " in Kiev, Volhynia, Galicia .......
Of course the BL "cultures" would be reforged / customised to best fit the historical factions, their armies, etc.
But basically the heart of the campaign would play like Khuzaits vs Vlandians.

Regarding " branding ", perhaps the very broad title " Hungary " can be made more specific to this mod, with a bit more of an identifying image, even a bit catchier ........ how about " Bela's Hungary " ?

Anyway, just first impressions, and being in "sort of alpha" and still putting it all together, I am hoping you might consider some thoughtful and well - meaning ( and enthusiastic ) feedback.

( and just to note that Genghis Khan was long dead by 1238 ).
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