SP MP Hundred Years War ~ Remade [Released]

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The link works fine, but I tried making a caracter of noble origin, but after choosing my banner, I hit DONE
but it goes back the caracter story menu. So, I played with the settings and whatever background doesn't require
a banner at the start works fine. Is that a bug or you can't start as a noble.


To be perfectly honest I hate the anti cheat thing. It's just mean. There are times when I just want to unwind by killing stuff.
Hey mate are you planning to ever continue this mod? I think it deserves the proper debug. This time period is awesome and the changes you have done are cool but it is kind of useless when it crashes or has the same problem like the original one. No gloves/shoes/arrows are sold after a few minutes of gameplay so you have to get a lucky drop. I think if you would just fix it it would be enough. You don't have to add features. If it works it's good enough. I saw you were active here not too long ago so are you interested in going further with it?


VlkaFenryka said:
Anybody downoad it from depositfile yet? **** looks sketchyyyyy
syconaught said:
this DL link is sketchy at best. put it somewhere we can feel save about downloading.
Slytacular said:
Can you upload this on to Nexus? DepositFiles scare me.
Efe Karacar said:
There is nothing wrong with download link. Depositfiles is a host just like any other, feel free to download.
Just got an alert from my antivirus software when I tried to download from the link. Using McAfee if that has to do with anything.
Also hearing a lot of weird sounds form my computer.


So I have to make my spiel about anti-cheat systems again.

1. you can't even block all the cheats anyway, just the ctrl+H is the only one i've ever even been punished for.
2. *Sigh* This comes down to the ideals of personal choice. I use cheats because, well, When I started playing this game I was obsessed with cheats, I just get really frustrated now when I try to play without them because of **** like trying to get cows to the marshal, The infamous "Deliver this letter quest" (In my mind its infamous anyway), and honestly I don't like to play my games with much challenge at all. Call me a scrub, potato, casual whatever, I just like it that way. I don't get the same satisfaction from defeating a challenging boss or whatever. Really thats not true, I prefer my games to be balanced where things like luck, skill, ect. come into play. I much prefer a duel against another player who is similar in skill level to me than below of above me. Nothing frustrates me as much as being 2 shotted in any game no matter how hard i'm trying. Id prefer a duel (I'm mostly using multi-player as an example here but some of this happens in SP as well) that is even with both of us going ham with a fury of blows, last second blocks and furious swings that just give you that adrenaline rush, edge of your seat feeling. Then the AI get two hits in edgewise (Since the AI tends to group up or focus fire on the player a lot they tend to get hits in no matter what you do) if i'm not extremely careful and it's game over on the spot.

Basicly what im saying is I feel like this game has Pain in the ass mode and cheat mode. So Id honestly appreciate it if you took the anti-cheat system out.


PPQ_Purple said:
To be perfectly honest I hate the anti cheat thing. It's just mean. There are times when I just want to unwind by killing stuff.

Relaxing murdering hordes of nords is fun  :grin:


No idea if this is in development anymore, but I really hope so, this is a great mod!

I don't know if anyone does anything with this information, but here are a few bugs:
- Some villages have houses underground and flying trees
- Random crashes when moving on the map
- script errors on random times (can't say what they say because the font in so difficult to read)

The font is also really hard to read. Other than that, this would be a perfect mod to play.


I sincerely apologize for necro-posting but I have a small issue with the game crashing to desk top after a period of time in the game.


You can now download this mod from KP:

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