Huge visual bug problem (most @ MAP level)

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So basically earlier today I downloaded official M&B WB 1.1-some (1.137? idk) from Taleworlds site. And started playing DEMO. The thing is, after every minute or a few minutes the map goes fully retarded. With that I mean the GUI is gone and map is ugly divided in normal visible part and just black (void) field. I've tried both direct X 7 and 9 (at settings), while having 10 or 11 on my computer.

I'm using about 39% graphic performance graphics, that's somewhat close to very ultra-high. My video card is ATI Radeon 7990. Also, here and there I noticed my camera movement lags, which causes some lag, while frame number still stays very high.

The funny thing about the MAP bug is, that if I take print screen on menu or ingame (when it runs normally), I get a void black image. But, when I print screen while the map bug is active, I print screen my desktop instead (!!). Maybe that has to do something with that.

Also, sometimes I enter village and the sky is pitch black when @ day. Idk, maybe it's related, maybe not.

So, yeah, crazy wrong map visuals is the thing that bugs me the most. Also, I just discovered most of the times simple alt-tab and going back will fix the problem, but then it gets back again after too short time. Does any1 has an idea how to fix it?

P.s. I seriously couldn't google this problem despite trying hard.

EDIT: And I'm using Windows 7 with default updates. No service pack. (I guess?)

EDIT2: and, most of all. Here is a picture:
As I mentioned, printscreen not working so had to take pic with a potato. Don't mind the paint-like lines on it, they just got there when resizing and converting (no idea why).
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