Huge armies galore from Aserai

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Don't know if there's any tutorial about fief management but the way I always do is, first maxing out gardens and granary so the town/castle would always have food even if all surrounding villages are raided. That is the most important because when you run out of food all developments hault, prosperity and loyalty goes down and you eventually start loosing the garrison. In towns rebellion may even occur. After maxing these out, for the rest I don't really follow any specific order. It depends on what the settlement needs most urgently. Buildings to raise tax or militia procurement are always useful. I assign either my brother's wife as a governor since she has crazy perks that she's considered like a local when comes to loyalty or some local companion, depending on where I manage. Raiding really does a lot of damage so I'd suggest you to try preventing those as much as you can until maxing the food production. Otherwise settlements don't develop. I have danustica and vostrum atm as towns and both can host crazy number of people with no issue, prosperity over 5000 and my daily income is somewhere between - /+500.

About executing the lords, I'd say do not unless you plan to execute them all because when you do, it starts even a worse spiral that almost all calradia become hostile and raiding your settlements become their only life goal. They even raise armies to do that.


Appreciate it, thanks. I only started paying attention to castle management recently and noticed some of the needs to get production working better. Culture threw me for a long time trying to understand what they meant by culture. I needed another companion recently and so I hired one for a castle that was from that area. I'd like to see how that is working out but I haven't been able to get up that way for the Aserai. If I go back to that game (I'm so ticked-off with the two huge armies that just shuffled past Ortysia I really don't want to play the game again until I calm down) I might just do a cheat again where I'll save the game and then just run up to that castle halfway across the map and see how things are progressing.
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