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Excellent choice of relocation. That is FenrirSkogr's setup as well, with severely improved ping/ms, especially west and northward. Now, I noticed that all since the event last weekend, that the server limit was set to 200 players. Can't reconfirm this as the server is indeed offline at this point, but has that been adjusted? Unfortunate to drain the funds in such a way, as it were.


Hm, the server is not allowing neither me nor my wolfie friends join, it tells us our Authorization key is wrong. It's all empty so I guess any lost soul who wandered there has also given up after this. Any idea what might cause that?


I am not all sure, but I restarted the server and now can join again myself.


For me its all working fine, theres a number of people playing right now too.


The loading says validating my key or something like dat, then gives me the error :\ Lulwtf is this?! With the original (non-vikingr) client I'm able to join any other server I want.  :shock:


Very strange, I could only imagine that it would be some issue with the warband master server again, but then again that would mean you couldn't join any other server either. I can only recommend trying again a bit later, if there is no other people with the same problem.
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