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BL 3D Art How to transfer items from mod

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Hey guys!

I'd like to ask you a question about mods. Is it possible in Bannerlord 2 to transfer an item (for example armor piece) from mod to vanilla?
I used to do it in warband and I created some cool stuffs in my own game. In warband it was much easier under modules folder, but with Bannerlord there are 3 different modules data under native folder and I dont know which folder should I put the files from the mod into. There is no proper video or link not even a screenshot how to do it.
I dont want to use whole mods, only some items which I like.
A simple example. There is a mod called khuzait war mask, it adds only one helmet to the game. I cannot decide where should I put the files manually to add the item to the game cause if I want to change khuzat lancer helmet for this new item I can edit units equipment with notepad and change the helmet to the new one, but there is no source cause I dont know where should I put the files of the new item.
Can someone tell me any info about this.

I want to use it ONLY for personal usage.
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