How to stop reknown from draining away

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I nearly elimited the reknown loss and reknown reduction.  Thanks very much for pointing out this info!  Now I too can have king-sized armies!


Bump for this great thread!  I made this change today. I have a max army of 143 and Sanjar Kahn has 450??  Now K'mon...


so basically the 200 means, that if you are above 200 renown, you lose renown weakly? too bad its not the opposite =]


Velax said:
Wow, the lack of comprehension skills in this thread is quite scary. To answer the OP, no. No one's found a tweak yet to stop renown decreasing. At least not that I've ever seen.

Nine replies before an actual answer... impressive.  :???:


Remember you'll probably have to redo any tweaks after you install a patch. Patching tends to overwrite your .txt files.


kefka95 said:
Go to your SIMPLE_TRIGGERS.TXT file and find the following:

168.000000  4 520 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189639680 7 2123 3 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774912 200 2106 2 1224979098644774912 1224979098644774913 500 3 360287970189639680 7 1224979098644774912

Your current renown is divided by the 200 (ie, 0.5%), then the result is subtracted from your current renown.  This happens once per week.  To eliminate it, simply change the 200 to a very high number, such as 99999.

If you wanted to do it a different way, the 168.000000 is the number of hours between renown decreases (168 hours = once per week by default).  Again, you could simply change this to a very high number, such as 9999.000000, and the renown decrease would only happen about once per year.

kefka95 said:
It occurred to me after my last post that maybe you weren't referring to the weekly renown loss, but rather the renown "subtraction" that happens every time you gain renown (ie, the idea that as your renown gets higher and higher, it also becomes more and more difficult to gain new renown).

If you want to change that part of it, go to your SCRIPTS.TXT file and find the following:

change_troop_renown -1
31 21 1 1224979098644774912 22 1 1224979098644774913 520 3 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774912 7 4 0 32 2 1224979098644774913 0 2133 2 72057594037927940 1224979098644774913 2123 3 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774914 200 2106 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774915 2111 2 1224979098644774913 0

By default, your existing renown is divided by the 200, then the result is subtracted from the original renown gain.  For example, if you won a battle with a renown value of 15, and your character already had 2000 renown, you would only actually get +5 renown at the end of the battle (ie, 2000/200 = 10;  15-10=5).

If you wanted to modify the amount of renown that gets subtracted from each renown gain, simply change the 200 to a different value.  For example, if you change it to 400, you would still have some renown taken away, but only half as much as usual.  Likewise, if you wanted to completely eliminate the renown subtraction, you would change the 200 to a very high value, such as 999999.

Both of these are very useful, thank you!
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