How to run fresh with 1.174

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I've been in serious trouble not being able to launch it with the latest version on steam. 1.174. WSE either asks for serial key, which then in turn will not be accepted because the launcher says i'm not connected to the interned. I even tried and found the 1.158 version of WB and tried to run it with that but then there's same issue with WSE asking for a key. YES, i have purchased the game. I know that without the official version you can't play Silverstag. I've spent countless hours on this mod and would really like to try it again, but WSE is a real pain. Can anyone help?


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I've installed a 1.174 non-steam version, installed the latest WSE, used the 1.174 linked on the page and installed 0.30.2 Silverstag, but the prices of troops is all messed up. Any ideas on what I've done wrong?