BL Coding How to mod the character height?

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I'm looking through the codebase and I see that the Hero class has Build and Weight properties, but there is no Height mentioned anywhere as far as I can see. It is like this concept totally doesn't exist in the codebase, but at the same time there are clear differences in the heights of the characters ingame. In code I can't even determine if one character will appear taller than another. I am making some custom companions and to create a companion from code I first create a character template based on NPCs from the spspecialcharacters.xml, then I call HeroCreator.CreateSpecialHero((template, null, null, null, ((int)template.Age)) and I get a functional hero instance, but neither the template, nor the hero instance seem to have any methods or properties that allow to change the height. Is this at all possible? In any way?
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