How to make Manhunters fightable?

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Editing the module system is what you want then. If you don't know how to use it yet, read this guide on how to use the dev suite.

Once you're in, look at and search for these lines:
[party_tpl|pt_manhunters,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Hey, you there! You seen any outlaws around here?", "manhunter_talk_b",[]],
  ##Floris MTT begin
  [party_tpl|pt_manhunters_r,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Hey, you there! You seen any outlaws around here?", "manhunter_talk_b",[]],
  [party_tpl|pt_manhunters_e,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Hey, you there! You seen any outlaws around here?", "manhunter_talk_b",[]],

Change them to something fitting if you want. Or don't. But those lines are what you should be looking for anyway, because the meat of this mod comes next.

The next lines after that will determine what happens after you talk to them. Normally it's just a "close_window", meaning nothing. You can add a new option for the player to say. Here's an example of lines you can add yourself.
[anyone|plyr,"manhunter_talk_b", [], "I want your prisoners.", "manhunter_talk_b3",[]],
[anyone,"manhunter_talk_b3", [], "Rescuing your bandit comrades, eh? Well, take them if you can, scum!", "close_window",[(encounter_attack)]],

You add that at the end of the other lines that start with [anyone|plyr,"manhunter_talk_b".

Alternatively from this you can also come up with some kind of script that allows you to buy the prisoners off the manhunters. It's a little more complex as you need to calculate, etc. But I think if you're willing to tinker that far, you can figure it out.
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