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BL Coding How to make edits to animation that only affect the player

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Hi everyone, so I absolutely hate how slow it is to reload the bow. I don't think that it's realistic for a 200 level archer to be so slow in reloading the bow and shooting it (Lars Andersen has videos on how an expert archer is expected to shoot 2 arrows before the first even lands on the target). I have tried editing the perk faster aim to help but it did not work. The perk showed my changes but it did not work in game. I changed Faster Aim to be 200% to test for a real difference, but I am not sure if the perk just isn't working or if 200% was too much of an increase and defaulted to original parameters. The only solution I have come up with is changing the animation_combat.XML file and change <animation id="reload_bow_right" param1="0.42" duration="1.5" to <animation id="reload_bow_right" param1="0.42" duration="0.9". I also changed a few other lines as well and this works perfectly...but too perfect because now everyone is Lars Andersen. I mean it makes sieges and battles really interesting, but I think it over powers the Khuzait horse archers a bit.

Is there anyway that I can make these changes affect the player only? Please note that I am extremely new to this and downloaded dnspy and visual studios for the first time yesterday.

Also I would love to see a mod one day that would allow for archers to side the side they are shooting on so they can shoot on both sides while riding.

Thank you!
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