How to kill the king?

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Thanks for this. I didn't know if there was a way I could do it, I must've waited about a month for them to finally have a feast.

I left the town, and the quest is still there though; does this mean I follow the other line that popped up?


Ha thankyou that someone already found this out,

I literaly started my campaign all over, thinking my choises would actually matter.

I felt bad for that Newphew Pretender that i slaughtered his reinforcements on the beaches...

and in my next playthrough i tried everything to kill the king.

The only thing i could think of, was killing the king directly on the field of battle.... but that doesnt make the quest complete because ur suppose to kill him on some feast, and not go to war with his entire domain.. including the jarl that gave u the mission.....

So im glad i now turned to the forums, to find out that my choises dont mean jack ****, ( after playing game of thrones a tell tale game, and seeing the choises i got here. it made me think my choises mattered. )

Maby on my next playthrough i should just tell the King emmediatly that his newphew wants him dead, to see if that makes any difference...


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For sure you have to refuse to save the village from the vikings wave...anyone tried to restart the campaign?
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