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Summary:I can't join the server i opened in my computer i have to join servers with my local ip 192.1.X.X:7210 but game forces me to join from public ip X.X.X.X:7210 and because of this i can't join but my friends which in other pc and network can join.
How to Reproduce:Open dedicated server in a pc and try to connect it from the same pc with bannerlord.
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OS:Windows 11 PRO
GPU Driver Version:Game Ready Driver 528.49
CPU:I7 11800h
RAM:16GB(8-9 GB Free)
Storage Device (HDD/SSD):500 GB(100 GB FREE)
Is it just impossible to play? My friends and me want to play some bannerlord multiplayer but we want to have 1vs1 or 2vs2 (Against my friends not against strangers) without anyone interfering if we have a way to do it we can choose it too.
Hey, can you please add the " /customserverhost 192.1.X.X " line to the command line while starting the server? If the issue is persistent please let me know.
Hello, i added the command line as you said
".\DedicatedCustomServer.Starter.exe /customserverhost 192.168.x.x /dedicatedcustomserverconfigfile serverCFG.txt _MODULES_*Native*Multiplayer*DedicatedCustomServerHelper*_MODULES_"
but it did not change the fact that i can't join the server, while joining it would go to the loading screen and after that gives me "Game Ended" but my friends which uses different network can join.
Hello, again today i was trying to solve this again and i noticed that my multiplayer game was still trying to connect through my public ip adress not local ip, and this causing the problem. Is there a way to connect like CS, opening console ~"connect ip:port"~ and connecting game through this way?
Hey, sorry to hear that did not solved the issue. After consulting the issue with the devs i have been informed that a fix for this problem will be released with further updates. Thank you for reporting it in.
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