How to increase rate of spawning items ( czekan )

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In my 278 day in game  1.03  ->  i have found    :  czekan  ( axe )  - Halych area.

They are so rare, even in other Ad 1257 versions.

One handed -  35 damage ( pierce  )
Speed rating - 93
weapon reach - 75 

Even in the old days it soon became my favorite weapon . The perfect horse axe .
As i am playing a kind'a horse archer historical character - i believe this axe is a good nomad axe , but also is similar with a shepherd's axe.

I can equip my companions  by giving it to one companion -  and taking the axe from the ground when he dies. [ to multiply the axe ]
But as want to buy it and also to have the chance to find  a different type of czekan  ( balance , heavy ) .

I need to change the files to make-it more common.
Any idea ? .....
Morgh's editor. Set that item's abundance higher so it has a higher chance to appear at the stores etc.
There is a soldier who uses that weapon? Maybe you should battle those more and pick their weapons. Other than that way, maybe you should get a village or town of that area and get a manor, then upgrade it until there is a weapon shop and go there. There is a little but useful exploit here, the store reset itself every time you enter the manor.That is how I get the papal and crusader armors for me and my companions.
Nice to know any little tips on how to get items your looking for. I use the teleport a lot to get to city to for things I'm looking for. But takes a lot f time.
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