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Knight at Arms

This tutorial is for how to get the Warband Script Enhancer (WSE) working with a Steam version of Warband. I'm not an expert with this stuff but I learned a lot from trial and error and, since there wasn't a detailed tutorial for making Steam Warband work with WSE, I figured I might as well make one.

Some notes before I start the tutorial:
  • The spoiler sections provide supplementary explanation.
  • Sometimes the exact method I'm using for a step is not required, but I am following this approach for the tutorial's ease of use and to minimize confusion.
  • This tutorial is aimed at the Windows crowd. I'm not familiar with Mac or Linux.
  • As I said, I'm no expert with this stuff, though on the plus side that helps me to see how much detail is needed for the layman. If you see something I've gotten wrong or could improve in this tutorial, don't hesitate to let me know!


1) Download WSE from here.
  • Use the 'WSE v4.3.2 (for Warband 1.16:cool:' link.
  • It's a .rar, so you'll need to unpack it. I recommend 7-Zip.

2) Copy the unpacked whole WSE folder and paste it in your mod's directory.
  • Mod directory example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\mymod
  • When I say the whole WSE folder, I mean the folder too, not just its contents.
  • Technically you don't have to copy over all of the WSE folder's contents since not all of them are needed in every case, but it doesn't do any harm to leave everything in either. The 'WSESDK' folder certainly isn't needed, but the WSE Loader definitely needs at least one of the library files to run properly.

3) Download the NON-Steam version of the 1.168 exes from here.

4) From this download, rename 'mb_warband' to 'mb_warband_old' (minus the apostrophes), then copy it to the inside of your WSE folder that you had already pasted into your mod directory.
  • Renaming it this way ensures that the WSELoader (in the same folder) will pick this exe file by default.
  • You don't need to bother with 'mb_warband_dedicated', which is the dedicated server exe.

And that's it! To launch Warband with WSE, you just need to remember to open it with the 'WSELoader'. You can create a shortcut to it if you like. Be advised that when you first launch 'WSELoader', a copy of the 'mb_warband_old' exe will automatically be placed in your 'MountBlade Warband' folder. That's expected and it shouldn't cause any issues.

If you want to launch your WSE version of Warband via Steam (e.g., so that you can use the Steam Overlay), there's an additional step.

5) [Optional] Add 'WSELoader' as a Non-Steam Game.
(in Steam) > Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library... .

Sebastian - Suggested a more elegant method that removed the need for a .bat file and eliminated a potential compatibility issue when using multiple mods.


Punkbuster 2.0
Placeing the WSE files into Warband's main directory isn't the best decision.
Imagine you install another mod with a different WSE version that uses the same attempt, so the current files will get overwritten, thus it might brake the compatibility to your mod.

I recommend to place the WSE folder(with all neccessary files) into your mod's directory, then paste the non steam warband exe into it and rename it to mb_warband_old.
This assures that the WSELoader(in the same folder) will pick this exe file by default, then just start the WSELoader or a Shortcut to it and your're done.

It's a nice clean way without messing up the main directory files.


Knight at Arms
That's a really good point. This way is much better! Thanks Sebastian, I'll update the tutorial accordingly.
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