How to get unbanned?

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Got banned recently for "violating duel server rules" and now the game won't let me log in. Pretty sure this is in regards to an incident yesterday on EUDuel where I was killing people somewhat unprovoked. This only happened after they started by attacking me, but I admit I probably took things too far by killing them repeatedly. I was also under the impression that the duel servers were kind of lawless given the amount of times I've been randomly killed in them, but I guess that's not the case. Anyways, I won't kill people unprovoked again, so how do I get unbanned?
Your nickname (steam username): Henryk the Hussar
Server & Time (if possible): DuelEU
A short description of the situation: I began repeatedly killing a few particular players unprovoked. This only happened after they killed me a few times, but yeah I might've taken things too far by repeatedly killing them. It is what it is, this sort of thing happens all the time in duel servers right now.
For how long were you banned?: permanent I guess, game won't let me log into multiplayer at all.
Who banned you?: No idea
What rules did you break?: attacking people in duel server
Why should we unban you?: I will definitely not do it again. I was honestly under the impression that duel servers are lawless at the moment, due to the countless times I've been randomly killed by people, but obviously I know now that's not the case. If I get killed randomly by people in the future, I'll just save a recording and let y'all deal with it rather than taking matters into my own hands.
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