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Sir Finny

Im going to tell ya guys on my Version of getting the Chaos sword (NOTE: This is what I expect it/Want it to be.)

[Okay Lets say]
You go back to your village where you grew up in noticing it was attacked by the "Masked One" noticing a man in a cloak watching you from afar you go to talk to the man about what happened as he would then inform you that the "Masked One" is back from a seal he was in for hundreds of years as the man seemed strange and looked at you oddly,"Your the one the Prophecy Speaks of." as suddenly he begins to explain that the people of this village we're killed by the "Masked one" and his army,due to the fact that he was afraid of the thing inside the Villagers that he heard that could stop his reign so he killed them all and while you we're away from the village on your quest of adventure. the old man then tells you "The thing inside of you is Courage." as the old man would then tell you to visit the [Capital City of Holy Thingy] (Haven't played this mod in a While I've killed the Masked one before) when you get there you'll have to speak to their Leader as he would then inform the player that he heard of a mythical Blade known as the "Sword of Chaos" as he would then Inform he does not know how to get one or where it is at, as he then suggests the town of Avici.

[Part Two:The Chaos.]
The player would then travel to Avici and be attacked by a band of Black Knights once the player has won the Battle ( It should be a EXTREMELY hard battle) The masked one would arrive the player would need to ESCAPE by all means nessacary or Lose his char by getting owned by the masked one SUPER speed and sword now you must return to the King as he would then tell you to ask all Kings of this land about the "Blade of Chaos," as you would now have to ask all the Kings until they tell you to go to the Cave of Noreturn (Anything like the kind) and you would then need to travel through a cave and at the very end you would of obtained the Hilt, (This Cave would prob be a Quick Battle and as it ends It'll say a message saying you obtained the Hilt) now that you obtained the Hilt you'll get no sense of direction here.

[Part Three:grin:arkness]
Without any sense of direction this will add to the PAIN And LONGness wanted if someone doesn't know what to do, Now you gotta search through taverns for a Companion named Darkness,(If you already have him Just talk to him) and he'll notice the hilt and tell you that the blade of the Sword of Chaos is found in Avici,Now you must beseige Avici and WIN (If the masked one is there Your Screwed all over) after capturing Avici you'll obtain the BLADE (Darkness will notify you) But the sword isn't complete yet (Here comes the hard part :grin:) Darkness informs you that the blade holds no Chaos Essence and won't be enough to slay the Masked One,as he then tells you that the way to gain that Essence is to Kill the Limbs of the Chaos [Including Eyes]

[Part Four:Betrayal?]
After Killing all of the Requested targets you'll then be confronted by Darkness who would then ask the player for the sword you'll decline of course and Darkness would then ask you again. Of course you decline, And Darkness attacks you and Hes a little bit Weaker than The Masked One but hes a Formiddable Opponent and would prob kill you Thousands of times, causing PERMA Death once you win You'll kill Darkness and the blade has FINALLY completed as Darkness was actrully a Limb of Chaos [Now its strong enough to face The Masked one but theres a few people that need to be killed first] Now you must fight some of the The masked man's Lords and win.

[Part Five:End?]
After finally killing off all of the Chaos you now must face The Masked One in a Final EPIC battle, (Jking About Darkness being a Bit Weaker)
The Masked One is 10x stronger than Darkness Difficulty wise and the battle would first begin with killing off his army or else your screwed fighting 100s of men after Finally killing off That Op'd King you'll then Join the Black Legion ( Or Wutever it is) and become their king (Kingdom management Mod Advised) and expand the Chaos with the Chaos Sword all your faction relations will drop and you'll have the Sword And Chaos Armor (Chaos Armor is a Suggestion.) making you able to slay 300 men with only half of your health remaining.
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