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How to get renown and right to rule fast?

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One thing I noticed it is hard as hell to get renown and right to rule, how do I get it faster or did you lower the settings for it way down?


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Toxicwire said:
One thing I noticed it is hard as hell to get renown and right to rule, how do I get it faster or did you lower the settings for it way down?

I think for the right to rule you can send your companions on a trip,
on the dialogue you say "You jnow that i aspire to be king of this land?"
Then they leave and your right to rule increases.At least that is what i read
in the forum a whille ago.I haven't tried it yet.
For renown best way is tournaments, you find a tournament and for each victory you get
14 points (I think).But it's definnitelly between 14 to points.

I think that compared to native it's way more difficult. 


this is still super easy as native. maybe to me because i have 800+ hours in game according to steam.

get a horse, a lance, some armor and do nothing but tournaments. you should be able to get up to 1200 fairly easy. for right to rule, send off your companions on mission to get your right to rule up. convince your king to start wars when provoked.... as many as possible because they will make peace at first chance and you will gain right to rule. you can also use this to take over your existing faction.... start 3 wars... and while your former kingdom is at war you slowly take it over... treacherous but hey... you got to do what you got to do right?


Dynastia said:
Try declaring it for him, with your army. I warn you though, he won't think it's very funny.
Sigma-Rho said:
I've never had any luck convincing a King to declare war, he always blows me off.

first of all, you need a provocation. attacking villagers will do or a caravan. i like villagers, its faster and more cruel. right after you provoke them, ask your king and put emphasis of being tired of "their" provocations.... those idiots ran into our swords. bam. the war has being declared. you might loose some honor for killing peasants but hey, this is how the wars are done.

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For higher right to rule, get married. The larger your bride's  family is, the larger RTR boost you get. Bride that has only brother or father (single relative) will bring you only 8 RTR points, but if she has larger family, she can bring you up to 20 RTR points. I'm not sure, but I think that you don't get your RTR points at the wedding, but at engagement (when her legal guardian - brother or father say YES).


Yes, tournaments are definitely the best way for increasing renown, you get something like 20 renown for winning a tournament, declining the more renown you have. If you don't know where tournaments are or can't find any then go into the taverns of towns and ask the troubadour/minstrel/other poems guys (if you already have a fortified manor minstrels and such stuff are also spawning in there, so you don't have to travel around to find them) where there is a feast going on, then travel from there to the nearest city where the feast/tournaments take place. If you onw a city then throw yourself one feast after the other. And as lazyman said, gather yourself some 20-30 knights or high level companions on warhorses and look for enemy lords with 100-150 troops, or large bandit parties, then let them catch you and fight and beat them, this will also give you some nice amount of renown. Sometimes, you also get some renown if you free a regional manor of a random town/village from bandits who have infested it.

For right to rule it is best to gather all 29 companions and send them on the rtr-missions by asking them "do you know that I aspire to become king". This will give you 87 rtr if you send them all out - so, you're almost 'there' (rtr 99) if you've send them all out. Also don't forget that you can use your companions for improving relations with factions/regions, just ask them if they maybe have any connections they can use to your advantage and then send them out on the mission.
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