How to gain honor?

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Is there a way to actually gain honor? I executed 2-3 lords without knowing that this would affect me so negatively. Now it is -1 and this makes it more difficult to persuade lords etc.
Also letting lords free after a battle doesn't seem to help either.


I don't even know if releasing enemy lords helps.
I've played one of my saves for 20 hours, haven't executed anyone yet and let dozens of lords go free. Still no honor trait


There's a mod that extends prison sentences so you can get around the whole having to execute every single Lord you take captive to prevent them from instantly attacking you again.

In the Vanilla game this should be the case as well though, Prisoners escape entirely too easily forcing you to have to execute them, which in turn gives you negative reputation with everyone and their mom.

Even Ransoming prisoners should force Lords to not be able to attack you for awhile though. There's a Bribe thing you can do currently where you swear to not attack someone for a certain amount of time, this should be automatically applied when ransoming as well.


I have searched google a lot, I have seen many assumptions , sugestions for mods etc. but at the end no one knows how to gain traits and honor. Developers should focus on that subject since traits are pretty important in character's relationships and conversations. If have negative honor, you are pretty much stuck and have less chance to hire lords.
I don't but man is it tempting when you end up with 25 enemy lord prisoners from just one clan in your party knowing they are just going to escape and attack again.
I agree definitely. Went on a rampage and tried to eliminate all lords of a Kingdom. Could not eliminate the Kingdom and everyone hated me, so started over.

Rolf Lutz

That's actually a good point , they escape too easy and too fast

Not just that, but if you capture their nobles you can charge a ransom for them for 2k maximum, while if you get captured they charge you more than 3k to be released.... If you capture their king the ransom payment will be almost nothing compared to the importance of the hero, if you keep them they just escape, this needs to be reworked indeed.
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