How to Form A Kingdom (help, please)

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I apologize for asking a question for which there are already many threads. That's the thing though. After reading many of them, I am still confused.

I have not completed the main quest line. I do not have an interest to do so. I already own many fiefs, a large army and am wealthy. I am a powerful duke in the growing Khuzait empire. Now that I just married (and before the Khuzait's get too big), and I want to form my own kingdom. When I try to do so, I am at war with the Khuzait's- but I am not a kingdom. I cannot form armies with my companions or assign governors, ect. I let the game run a bit, but there was still no change. I've tried other save points on this file, but it has the same result.

Some threads have said it is possible to form a kingdom the way I have tried, while others do not- or are unclear. If you can, could you please clarify this? I'm stuck in the game at this time because of this. Cheers.


You can't if you didn't completed the main branch.
Bet there are ways you can't learn from a Jedi.

Install the Developer Console Module and the use command campaign.create_player_kingdom

Also you should probably disable the main quest line with some commands.
Talk to the succession of nobles and then meeting with Istiana and Arzagos, the former wanting to restore and the latter wanting to destroy the Empire with the dragon banner. There is a mission to put it together, but that's a cinch compared to hunting after those nobles who know about old battles and the Empire. Next you have to capture 2/3 of Empire Cities. You can have nobles form armies and have measures introduced, but you've no control over peace and war, except you can talk to make peace, but the game declares war for now at the moment. It's a good idea to create a bit of a territory before forming a kingdom as your pre-kingdom will be under far less attack. This differs from M&B:WB where a territory without standing was attacked by all comers.
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