How to fix the script error for missing party IDs

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I figured I'd put it here too so more people can see it, since this has been an error plaguing me for a while now. I also reported this as a bug.

I found a bug, and a way to fix it with the savegame editor. It has to do with flooding error messages related to not being able to find a valid party ID on a simple trigger.

The error is:
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1608: Invalid Party ID: 4909 LINE NO: 53
At Simple trigger trigger no 104.
At Simple trigger trigger no 104.

I don't know what any of that means but I figured out how to fix it:

You'll also notice that boats aren't discarded of properly, only moved, so just an FYI there when landing on a shore with the "disembark" option

The game seems to be looking for some party with an ID of 4909. Use the M&B savegame editor, open up party_records and find some party (like a group of bandits or something, i used a boat) and set the ID to what the game is looking for. I no longer get error messages. For the record I'm also on day about 460ish, and I assume that it's just a lord missing somewhere. I don't really know, but this seems to satisfy the errors!
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