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How to Fix Sieges on 1.5.4? Workarounds? Mods? Future Patches?

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Wondering if there are any workarounds, mods or other solutions to fix the buggy/broken siege battle features in 1.5.4?

1) Ladders: assault troops either don't climb ladders at all after F1-F2 or F1-F3; or they use only one ladder; and/or only a few climb up..the rest don't; and/or they climb one at a time slooooowly. Basically, ladders are at best semi-functional (I actually had one battle where multiple troops were on each ladder simultaneously without any hassle. Couldn't believe it.). Is there a way to make a troop group use both ladders of a set, with multiple troops climbing simultaneously?

2) Siege Towers: almost identical issues with ladders once they reach the wall. Troops only use 1 of the 3 ladders on each tower...if at all. Attackers climb up the one ladder and then attack piecemeal, getting slaughtered. Is there a way to order the top compartment of the Tower to 100% fill with men BEFORE the gate drops onto the wall? Or even just have them group up when they reach the top of the wall?

3) Ram: tried my first assault with a ram last night, and to my horror found that there was a ram--but no ladders. Which meant there were no melee defenders on the wall--they were presumably all down at the gate. Any way to coax the game to also deploy both or even one set of ladders as well?

4) Wall Breach with Trebuchets: even with a (cheated) high engineering skill of 225, a high-prosperity level III wall takes out 4 trebs 75% of the time (75% because I made breaches only on 1 of 4 attempts). By the time I've built 4 new trebs, the enemy wall is repaired & ballistas/catapults rebuilt, and so I have to start over. Any workaround/mods to enable player to actually repair his trebs as they lose HP's from enemy engines (so they don't need rebuilding from scratch)?? Or am I just making a gameplay mistake?

5) Unit and Formation Commands: at the start of a ladders-only assault, I immediately "0 F1-F6" to stop troops from going up the ladders; then "F3-F2" infantry and cavalry so they go into shieldwall at the foot of each ladder set. Then "F3-F3" archers and horsearchers to put them into loose formation; positioning each group somewhere behind the INF & CAV. But on some maps, the archers (usually) stay in tight formation; and refuse to go into loose formation..and correspondingly suffer high(er) losses. Any solutions to this?

Anyway, any solutions players have found to these issues would be most gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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