Closed HOW TO FIX d3d_device_context Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! FOR 1.2.9

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HOW TO FIX: In case of AMD RX 5000 GPUs, possibly some other ones too, revert to 23.5.2 AMD driver. All drivers after, until at least 24.1.1, have frequent and reproducible GPU crashes. Confirmed for game version 1.2.9
probably if you downgrade ur graphic card driver, it will fix this error, but idk which version you need, it just fixed my rx 5600xt
I've encountered this problem before and searched for a solution on Reddit and Steam forums. Disabling subsurface scattering in video settings and deleting c:/Program Data/Mount and Blade/shaders folder helped me. I guess the reason is that mods sometimes change files in Shaders folder, which later leads to game crash. In my case, I fully deleted Mount and Blade folder on C disc, BUT be carefull and first copy your save files if you're going to do that, you're going to lose your progress otherwise. After deleting files Steam launcher will download them once again on verifying integrity of local files and game should be OK after. It worked for me, but I can't promise the result for you, so be careful.
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