How to fight huge battles without getting all my men killed?

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hey man, I've just recorded a video of a battle 400 vs 700 Realistic Damage, maybe the tactics there might help you:

Beautiful execution. It's very difficult to defend against cavalry. The best defense to protect your archers or infantry is a line of infantry with pikes but even that doesn't work quite right in Bannerlord.
In my experience the best strategic way to minimize losses is to have the larger army, comprising mostly elite troops, and as much cavalry as possible, and to never engage an enemy army of similar or greater size. So how to fight huge battles? Make sure they're huge because of the high number of your own troops, and don't enter a fight that gives the enemy a fair chance.
Ive found letting my OP battanian archers do the brunt of the killing works well. Infantry are just there to protect archers, cavalry to flank and disrupt any shield walls. Stick the archers on a hill if defending or inch in to range behind advancing shield wall if attacking. Try and have enough cavalry to beat the inevitable enemy cavalry/horse archer charge that starts every battle and you're golden. Only thing that scares me is a very heavily cavalry/horse archer focused army, but the AI struggle to pull together armies that strong.
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