How to enable birth and death option mid-game?

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Lil Martinus

Basically, the only reason I want to enable birth and death mid game is because otherwise it's really not immersive, my chopped nobles just respawn in a prison and the kingdoms I've wiped out are still present as cockroaches, raiding villages and pillaging. Is there any available way to do so? As I remember, it used to be possible to toggle it off/on in the past. Is there any console command or config tweaking that I should be aware about?
I've googled for at least a couple of hours and found nothing close to that besides the " Campaign.kill_hero "yourname" " command with leads to a message in the console " Hero can't die "
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Lil Martinus

In theory, yes. Practically: it breaks the game. Clan leader does not change and a dead man as a clan leader for diplomacy is of no use. Neither does the clan disappear if you execute them all, just a ghost kingdom with an ability to recruit minor factions.


Maybe thats something they are trying to combat the game crashing when you've killed everybody. Haven't tried doing a play like that myself but I've watched a few people doing plays attempting it and the same thing happened to both when they tried to finish off the last one.
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