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Hi all,

I am running 1.5.9 version, and i want to create new villages associated to a Town Lageta.

I know it is possible as there are some tutorials, like:


However, they are a bit older tutorials. Basically what you do, is edit two files:

settlements.xml and scene.xscene

I duplicate, for example, village named Montos, create new name and new village ID's, and do the same in scene.xscene file. I also edit village coordinates a little (so it would not be on top on old village). Wrap it as My own Mod, activate>Run MB.

And it kind of works. There IS a new village on a map, but it does not have a name and I cannot enter it.

I did everything as in those tutorials. I even tried to paste settlements from specific Tutorial - with the same issues. There are new towns/villages, but I cannot interact with them. In tutorials, players CAN enter new towns and villages :smile: Is it because of newer version I am running 1.5.9?

What am I doing wrong?
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