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How to conquer world as own faction?

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Hello, a while back I bought mount blade vanilla and made this thread: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,352764.0.html

I finally managed to conquer world as nords on easiest difficulty. I had to turn the battle size down for the final town sieges because there were simply too many damn enemy troops who respawned too damn fast

So now I got warband and want to reconquer the world after starting own kingdom. i did some reading and it sounds like its even more tedious than mount blade vanilla because you have to recruit lords, but then the lords hate you when giving away fiefs, and then they defect and take all your **** with you. so to prevent that you have to track everyone down and give lots of feasts. can i make the 8 companions that i don't take along as lords, would they be guaranteed not to defect?

anyone have any general advice or an outline of what the plan should be for world conquest?

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Simple advice:  Get the Diplomacy mod.  It helps with a few of the diplomatic stuff.

First off is that not all lords would hate you for giving a fief to someone else.  A simple trick is to avoid anyone that's not Goodnatured or Upstanding assuming you're a high honor character.  You can probably get away with a couple of Martial and Cunning lords, but I'm not sure on it.  Also, they won't always lose relation points with you as some lords will gain some because you chose a person that they nominated for a fief.

When a lord defects, they can't always take everything with them.  If they defect when they only have villages, those villages will not be taken with them as they're tied to whichever castle or town that they're associated with.  If, however, they own a castle or town, they will take it with them should they defect.

Yes, feasts do help in raising relations.  You do have to be married to be able to do it (or just mod it so that you don't have to be married to throw feasts, though even I admit that's kind of cheating in a way....[I have my reasons.....]).

I'm not 100% sure on companions being given fiefs in that they won't defect besides the obvious ones that are upstanding and goodnatured.  Not sure on other personality noble companions, let alone the non-noble companions (Marnid, Ymira, Deshavi, Bunduk, etc).

That's about all I can give on advice right now.

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In the personalities section of the link, there is a table which describes how to deduce personalities of lords.

I also recommend the mod of Diplomacy Litdum.


Thanks! When is the best time to start my own faction? I am currently in nord faction. About to get married. Had a town/castle, but lost it to vaegirs. Own four enterprises so far. Should I wait until I have town/castle and up my relationships with some other lords, and have enterprises everywhere?

Also I was reading about this exile mechanic. It sounds like over time, more and more lords leave the realm. This makes it sound like conquering the world will become easier over time. The problem I had in vanilla mount blade is that all the lords stayed in the game, evenly distributed among the remaining factions, so when there were only two factions left, and you took over all the castles/towns except one, the lords would all spawn in the same final castle/town. Dozens of lords, each respawning and each with 30 units each in a short period of time, and that would be a huge gigantic army that you would have to constantly fight. It sounds like with this exile mechanic, this will no longer be an issue because lords will disappear eventually once they have been banned by all the remaining factions.
Get enterprises started in 22 cities.  Four is not enough.  Can't speak for or against Diplomacy Litdum but the original Diplomacy mod works with the latest version of Warband, 1.173.  Gives you numerous very nice options for recruiting new troops to your castles and cities and training them once they are recruited.

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Righ to rule is a very important stat for establishing your own faction. Infos are in the link: http://mountandblade.wikia.com/wiki/Right_to_rule

Relationships with lords: http://mountandblade.wikia.com/wiki/Relationship
Relationship affects your interactions with other vassals, and becomes very important if you start your own Kingdom.

Wars in Calradia comes with huge economical cost as in real life. Like Lord Brutus suggested, open all enterprises for good economy. If I remember right, in native you will get around 10000 denars for eachweek from enterprises. Because, If you are not lucky, 3-4 of faction can declare war upon on you when you start your own faction since another monarch is the least wanted situation by Kings of Calradia.

Be a vassal, have 2 castles/city or so, build up great number of garrison for your castles, make good natured, upstanding and martial lords love you(actually this also depends on your playstyle), build up good economy and REBEL.

Lastly, I am playing Diplomacy of Litdum in lastest version of warband and it just works fine If you are interested. I did not encounter any technical gaming issue from it.


Award your villages to bad-tempered lords, while giving castles and cities to goodnatured lords. As long as everyone has one fief, relations are pretty good between you and the nice lords, which is necessary to keep your kingdom running smoothly. Another helpful tip is to never kick out lords who only own a village. If they hate you enough, just wait for them to renounce instead. They can't steal the villages anyway. Indicting lords for treason lowers your relation with most of the lords in the faction, so just wait for them to leave on their own accord.

Many cunning and bad-tempered lords have very high renown, like Boyar Doru and Jarl Turya. For this reason, I like to keep one highly renowned lord, regardless of his personality, as my main marshal. Even if he is bad-tempered, I give him a city and castles to help him hold as many troops as possible. These lords are great marshals and they will handle the tedious sieging process quite well, allowing you to do other things with your time.

My last piece of advice is all about location. If you started your kingdom in the Sarranid lands, taking Vaegir cities and keeping enemies away from them can be difficult if you are commuting from Shariz each time. Once your faction begins to extend its control over large expanses of terrain, I would suggest relocating your capital to a central city like Dhirim, Halmar, or Reyvadin. This shortens your trip to the battlefronts and helps you defend lands more easily. You should also award your most trusted lords fiefs that are near you so you can summon them to a campaign quickly. Nothing is worse than having Wercheg besieged when you are in Bariyye, while all your lords are spread far out. Basically, you need to situate yourself and your lords in places that best benefit you.

Hope these tips helped!


ooh thanks for the good advice. the personality thing was super helpful!

Quick update. I didn't install any mods yet, for first playthrough of a game I like to experience vanilla. I am playing on newbie mode (lowest dmg, max army sizes, and 45 swadian knights). Unfortunately because its newbie mode I helped the nords conquer almost all the map. Every lord I captured I let go, unless they had an evil personality or a king, in which case I ransomed.  Only khergits rhodoks were left, and khergits were 6 castles away from being wiped. At this point lords were being exiled from caladria, inducing honorable lords i'd built good relations with.

But I didn't know how to start my own kingdom. I renounced my oath, and realized too late I lost all my towns and castles as a result, and i had been garissoning a ton of top tier troops there!!!! And the game auto saved as i was in realistic mode. Oops! The wiki had said I could revolt when I didn't get a fief, but I constantly got denied fiefs and never got the option, hence why I did renounce. Pissed I immediately changed it to easiest mode possible (minimum army size), and despite huscarls killing 3-4 knights in every fight, i had a huge backlog of swadian men at arms and swadian recruits waiting to replenish, and the OP knights conquered nord territory and beat back their armies. now all the lords i built good relations with are defecting over. Because relations are so high and they have honorable/good personalities, they lose only 2 relations or none at all when i assign fiefs. should be fine. ragnar is banishing lots of lords who are coming to me. if relations are low, i just let them sit in the castle and put them on ignore.

now i'll slowly start upping the difficulty. game should be easier to close out than the original mount and blade because of the exile mechanic. not good enough to win without knights though so will keep abusing them....


The way rebel works is: You have to PERSONALLY SEIZE (either as Marshal or on your own) an enemy castle or town, then REQUEST it be awarded to you (a dialog is triggered once you capture a city/castle). If, later on, the King denies you the fief another dialog comes up and you can decide to accept the decision and the cash consolation or rebel/keep all of your holdings and start your own kingdom.

The key to this is to accrue a number of towns/castles so when you do rebel you have multiple fiefs you can gift to new lords.

Also, in general to keep lords happy you have to hold lots of feasts as this raises their approval rating each day they attend the feast. Be sure to end the feast before too many lords leave. If they aren't in attendance when the feast ends, they will not have their approval raised. Generally feasts will help counteract the drop in relationship approval when you award a lord a fief. Also, if you grant a lord a fief his relations/brother, son or fathers approval will also raise. Alternatively, a lords enemies approval will drop if you grant that lord a fief. You just need to be aware of rivalries when you award fiefs.

Appointing a lord as Marshal is another way to quickly raise a lords approval. You can cycle through Marshals after a number of days. Hire, fire, hire, fire...


Hey, I have been playing mount and blade warband for awhile. How do you become king of your own territory and lords? Without being in a faction.


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This is detailed info on becoming king of your own faction. It is present there on guide section of forum. You can read more guides on this page.

Getting started in a faction- Depending on your choices in the character creation. You can choose to be a Commoner or a Noble. The choices change the dialog initial relationship, and how Lords speak to you. If you choose to be a Noble you receive a banner and 100 renown right off the bat. Also as a Noble Lords you speak to will see you as a faction-less lord. As a Commoner you get remarks on your common birth when you speak to lords some good some bad just as Noble. You have to keep an eye on these things. Knowing their minds and attitudes is the key to the door of Calradia.

Now to the point. You make your character, and You need at least 150 renown or a high reputation with a King or a mix I believe, to become a vassal. My understanding is that every ‘point’ of relationship you have with a king reduces the amount of renown you need by one ‘point’. That is easy to get if you are a Noble considering you start out with 100. If you are a good player or you have a low difficulty level you can solo all types of bandits or deserters for a quick fix to get your renown up enough to be accepted by any King. Tournament's maybe two of them and your set as well.

Well let's say your set, all you need to do is talk to the King you desire and give homage to him if he accepts you. There is also a chance that you can be invited to be there vassal if your a famous man or women. Once your accepted if you're a Commoner you will receive your very own choice of a banner. You will also get a fief of a town of the King's choice. Hint, he will always choose the least profitable fief in the kingdom. Even worse, whoever owned it before you will have a significant negative relationship with you, you upstart.

If you do not like your current faction you can leave. Talk to the King select the choice to leave, and when that's all said and done you can go. The negative effect is you will lose 20 reputation with the King and loose all fiefs you may of acquired.

Creating your own faction- This path is one of the hardest path's in the game along side of choosing to rebel against a King. In order to start this I recommend you to be around level 25+ and have a high level leadership, alongside having a stable companion group, and roughly 80,000+ denars, and right to rule is helpful. These things I said take a while to obtain without cheating. So join a faction for a while maybe even the faction you are going to attack and get your reputation up with the lords there, and the King.

Now you need to target a City (recommended) or a castle. The reason I recommend a city is because if you get a castle first you cannot give it away as a fief to a companion or Lord if you get a city later. The first fief you get is the foundation of your new empire. Note that I believe you CAN give it away if you first move your court to another castle/city. That said, I’d still recommend a city because since when were great empires ruled from a border keep? On a more practical note, castles come with only one village while cities come with at least two, and usually more.

How you start to do this is to attack the enemy's assets farmer, caravans, raid a village or attack a lord. This will give you a negative relations with that faction and allow you to besiege the fief. Now the reason in the beginning I said you need to be ready is when you finally conquer the fief and it's yours, and all is well, it will be priority one to take back. The faction you attacked will come in a massive force unless circumstances are really bad for them. They will most likely siege you within a week of you taking their fief you will also at that point have a -40 relations or more. He’s not joking here – you can have a thousand or more troops knocking politely at the gate within a week. For this reason I STRONGLY recommend picking a faction who is already at war to be your target, bringing around 70+ elite troops (huscarls are ideal) and as soon as you have the town leaving the elites and frantically raising as many troops as you can from the villages. With companions with good training skills and some luck you might have as many as 150 third tier troops to help out. Don’t forget to check the taverns for mercenaries – 6 hired blades can make all the difference sometimes!

Ok, I am going to head back to when you take the fief. You will be given a choice to pick a minister/ambassador. It can be either a companion or if you are married, you can choose your wife if you are male. If you want none of the above because you don't want to waste your one of your companions or you are not married yet or your female, you can appoint a temporary citizen from your castle/city. Who is utterly useless. I’d recommend getting a companion you don’t like or won’t use specifically for the purpose if you are playing a female or unmarried character.

Now at the hard part. In order for you to hold your faction in place you are going to need soldiers. I would put roughly 300 in a city and make some of them fodder for money reasons and make some elites as a backbone for your defenses. I also would have a cavalry section to chase away or fight other lords that attempt to raid your towns. This will be costly so don't give away initial towns to Lords right away you may need all the fiefs you can get to pay for your garrison. I find about 250 in a city, of which 50 or so are tier 4-5, 100 are tier 2-3 archers and the rest are fodder/militia strikes the balance between cost and the ability to actually fight. Normally I have my ‘capital’ more heavily defended than this, as I use it as a storage space for elite troops to top up my own forces when I take casualties in war – it can be a good idea to have an entire ‘spare’ party in case you lose everyone... Around a 100-150 in a castle is plenty, mainly low level.

Another option to start your own faction is to capture a castle or city while you are a sworn vassal of one of the other factions and ask for it to be given to you. If the king agrees, great, garrison it and go and do it again. If he refuses you get the option to rebel and keep all of the castles and cities you own, along with their garrisons. Note that if you don’t own the city/castle which goes along with one of your villages you will lose it. This is a much, much easier way of doing it, as you can stack your castle with several hundred elite troops and simply defend against the hordes that come your way, but if you wanted easy, you’d just use cheats, right?

Start a rebellion- I will not lie this gets real difficult. The first thing you do is join the faction you want to rebel against. Get a castle ,throw festivals, station a "small" garrison, and make money lots of it. Along with reputation will all the lords there. When you have an amazing party size roughly 120+ some right to rule,your companions leveled, and a hefty wallet to sustain troop size for a long time you’re ready. Talk to the Claimant you wish to have join you, and he or she should accept you if you’re powerful enough. (Claimants can be found by travelers once you leave your faction) He or she will join your party as a companion, and will have data on the lands and how many lords the faction has. You will also immediately get -40 reputation bonus. At this point it's started you did it if you followed my advise here. Head to the territory you are rebelling and single out the lords there. Talk to them and persuade them to join you. Do this to whoever you can and fast because once they join you, they will retain all of their fiefs (if they have a castle or city). Make sure you get yourself a castle or city some garrison and have fun.

Alternately, you can do this the even harder way by not joining the faction first and doing it without any lands to support you. I recommend it as a challenge, because without having any relationships with the lords beforehand it’s actually very difficult.

Recruiting lords- Well on this topic you will understand how to recruit lords. It is slightly tricky sometimes, and even I have problems doing it. First thing you need is to either be joined in a faction or have your very own. Second you need to have relations, right to rule and persuasion helps. Right to rule, I think, will help you the most in convincing other lords to join you. Having good relations sometimes doesn't help you when they are "too" loyal to their King. Persuasion helps them see it in your way higher the better. You have to talk to a specific lord you want to recruit. I would ask how do you feel about your King. There is several responses..The King is a Vile pretender, this subject is offensive (use persuasion to change his mind),I am busy talk to me later or it's hardly private here, I don't go around scheming in corners(need more rep) OR it will open a new dialog on how he should join you or the King you serve. There is several choices you can choose from the one you pick may help you get him to defect. Try not to use different explanations with different lords sooner or later word gets around that you’re just saying what people want to hear. Use the same reason each time and you’ll get better results overall in the long run.

Another way is to have free lands in your realm. Lords will often defect to your kingdom hoping to get some, and will appear in your castle wanting to talk to you. If you do recruit them, be sure to give them some lands, otherwise their relationship with you will drop fairly rapidly...

Companions to lords- This is the easy route. Once you establish a Kingdom of your own, and you have an extra fief you can simply talk to one of your companions and give them a town or talk to your minister and give them one that way. You will have full control over them, and you can give troops to all your Lords as well(Your faction). It's all said and good here except there is two negative effects of this. One you cannot get your companion back or level him up anymore. Two depending on the lord you pick you run your fief, other lords may see him as a commoner (Nizar) and when you talk to them you will be scolded in the arts of not giving commoners lands, and you’re not upholding the Noble Rights. That will give you a -4 reputation to those who oppose it.(Most of the lords) Some will give you a +2 for they do not mind that you have done that. As far as I am aware, Alayen, Matheld, Lezalit,Baheshur,firentis and Rolf are the companions who are not ‘commoners’.
                                                      Companions noble personality's (by SPD_Phoenix) and (Peter Ebbesen)

- Rolf: cunning.
- Baheshtur: cunning.
- Firentis: upstanding.
- Matheld: martial.
- Alayen: martial.
- Lezalit: selfrighteous.

Martial: My sword is at the disposal of my rightful liege, so long as he upholds his duty to me.

Quarrelsome: Bah. They're all a bunch of bastards. I try to make sure that the ones who wrong me learn to regret it.

Pitiless: Men will always try to cheat others of their rightful due. In this faithless world, each must remain vigilant of his own rights.

Cunning: Well, it's a harsh world, and it is our lot to face harsh choices. Sometimes one must serve a tyrant to keep the peace, but sometimes a bit of rebellion keeps the kings honest. Circumstance is all.

Sadistic: My philosophy is simple: it is better to be the wolf than the lamb.

Goodnatured: Well, you should keep faith with your promises, and not do injustice to others. Sometimes it's hard to balance those. Stick with people you trust, I think, and it's hard to go far wrong.

Upstanding: Kingship and lordship have been instituted to keep the peace and prevent the war of all against all, yet that must not blind us to the possibility of injustice.

Roguish: Hmm.. I guess I'm thinking that it's good to be a lord.

Benefactor: A good ruler makes sure all are treated justly. Personally, I intend to use my authority to better the lot of those who live in my demesne.

Custodian: A good ruler creates the proper conditions for people to prosper. Personally, I intend to use my wealth to create more wealth, for myself and for the common benefit.
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