How to compete against draharan shadow assassins, and household troops in general ?

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Hello people, I've been playing this mod for the better part of a month now, and after some restart I've now somehow secured a nice city for my independant faction, however now that I'm at peace I can't help but wonder, what should I do against those pesky household troops and especially those shadow assassins, I mean the last time I faced them I had to autocalc my way to victory (250vs80) ,I tend to overly rely on virago heroines and this time it wasn't enough.
So yeah what troop should I use against cavalry with such overwhelming stat, or/and what should I give my hired mercenary ?

PS_ If you have some tips about what a new kingdom should do that would also be appreciated.
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Hi tonfa,

combined arms tactics. Contrary to most I set up infantry in front, archers behind and in loose formation. HA behind those, also in loose formation.
I try to let my HA loose when the enemy almost makes contact with my inf. Enemy will be stuck, partially distracted and shot down.
But high losses are always to be expected against enemies that strong.

Rgds, Oldtimer


I see, thanks for the help, now I just need to figure out how to engage in diplomacy, it's actually the first time I went this far in a mount and blade game.


You can also have your cavalry set with your front line to stop enemy horse charges, if your infantry line isn't strong enough.

For your hired mercs, spear and shield and sword. They will use the spear and shield to stop cavalry, and switch to sword against foot/dismounted units.

For your kingdom, join war on your neighbors when others are attacking. That way, you can kill them off faster and easier. If your army is not strong enough, you can just join the fights to get free wins and easy money.

Kill the smaller kingdoms first to get lords to become lordless.


So far I don't think there's an easy way to fight the Shadow Assassins, they're some of the best troops in Perisno. What I do is use the good old ''pikes in front, archers in the back'' and hope for the best lol. Sometimes you just have to accept casualties.

As for the tips, try to target the marshal whenever possible to ''cut the head of the snake'' so to say. As an extra measure you can also imprison the ruler of the opposing faction to prevent him appointing new marshals.
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