BL Coding How to change the length of a year?

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I tried to make a year longer, vanilla is like 84 days a year which means only 3 weeks in a season. So i found these in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.dll:
public const int SunRise = 2;
public const int SunSet = 22;
public const int MinutesInHour = 60;
public const int HoursInDay = 24;
public const int DaysInWeek = 7;
public const int WeeksInSeason = 3;
public const int SeasonsInYear = 4;
public const int DaysInSeason = 21;
public const int DaysInYear = 84;

then i changed them to 12 WeeksInSeason; 84 DaysInSeason; 336 DaysInYear, but nothing really happened. I started a new game and it still runs into autumn right after the 21st day in summer. I'm not a programming guy so idk if it's much more harder to change the length of a year or is it just can't be changed at all?
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