How to Change NPC Noble's Age in Current Campaign

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I realize that I can edit the lords.xml file in Modules/Sandbox/ModuleData and change an NPC's age however those changes would only apply if I started a new campaign. Does anyone know of a way to edit an NPC's age and it take effect in a current campaign?

It appears that in the past you could do it through the developer console but I went and turned cheat mode on and loaded campaign, opened console and the command should be "campaign.set_hero_age [Name] [Age]" however it is clear after typing hero, there is no string for age in the auto complete box. Attempting to type it out anyways leads to command not found. I am new to using cheat mode and all that so I am unsure if it used to work or not.

One of my favorite female NPC's is Siga of Sturgia, but it is annoying that she is so old so no point to marry her, or it may not even be possible because of age. I want to lower her age to 25 or so but can only figure out how to change my own age.

Any help is appreciate, thanks.


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