How to change faction culture

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As the title says really. I have tried talking to all of my advisers and I still can't find the answer any tips? Also, great mod computica. This is the only mod I can really enjoy besides floris, but the map is too small.

Edit: Will changing my faction culture to say Adendian decrease morale penalty when I'm at war with them and using Adenian troops?
As far as I know you cannot change your starting culture, what you choose at the beginning is what you get, the closest thing you can do is send a recruiter to get troops from those cultures.
I started off as Adenian but my troops morale is low when I'm at war with them. Is that supposed to happen? I don't think I've ever noticed this before if so.
yes, cultural troops morale will always be lower when in a war with their own kind, try recruiting some swadians and get them up to knights to replace your adenians for that war if it is crippling you.
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