How to assign companions to be lords for a claimant?

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It is stated in the wiki:
"You also lose all the abilities associated with being a ruler such as assigning fiefs or sending emissaries. For this reason, beware of turning companions into lords during a claimant quest as they do not remain 'yours' when the original faction is defeated. "

But now after i took a castle for Madame Ursula, she only gave me 2 options: take it for myself or give it to her. Is there any condition or tweak that i must do to be able to make companions into lords during claimant quest and to leave some fiefs empty?
I did try to talk to the companions to find the option which asks them if they want to become lord, but i couldn't find the option.

So is there any tweak to make it so I act like a king during claimant quest? Just so i can make companions into lords and give fiefs to them. Or is there any way to edit it in Warbender?
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