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BL 3D Art How to add custom models and animations for new weapon types?

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I'm most interested in total conversion mods that add entirely new weapon types - like firearms - but I can't find any documentation on how to add something like a custom weapon type with new animations to the game, or even the simpler case of just adding new part models to the existing weapon categories.

Do we have to wait on the official modding tools to be released first? Has there been any communication on when this will be?

Edit: Also, even if we can't yet implement our own custom weapons, it would be nice to know the technical details of what formats the Bannerlord engine expects assets in. I can get started modeling and texturing today but I have no idea how to rig the meshes to be compatible with the weapon forging customization sliders, for example. I would also really like to start animating as soon as possible but I have no idea what the default human skeleton looks like and don't want to run the risk of having to do a bunch of tweaking after retargeting the animation from whatever placeholder I would have to use in the mean time.
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