How to add a lost item to inventary

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Hello there, I'd like to ask this simple question about the old original M&B. :smile: I lost an unique item, does any method to add it back to inventary exist?

Let's explain my problem... I'm playing wih the native module and my army and skills are already though enough to take over the whole Calradia, just need some I started to do something funny: I'm collecting all the clothes from the shops (meaning all the armors that are not made of iron and steel) just to dress my character with many different outfits: like a noble, like a hunter, like a smith, and so on. :razz: Now, I noticed a lot of time ago that Lezalit was the only to carry the nobleman outfit, so I took it from him and kept it into my inventary until I got a chest to store it...but as soon as I started to collect all other cool clothes, I also learned that Artimenner was the only to carry the rich outfit, but I sold it immediately after giving him an armor. :cry: So, is there any method to get it back? I know that Warband cheatmenu allows exactly what I want to do, but I'm not playing Warband and almost all Google search results bring to Warband cheatmenu feature, so that's why I'm asking here for help.
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the outfit I'm looking for:


It's a body armor that isn't normally sold in shops: Artimenner wears it at the beginning but I sold it, a few characters around Calradia (like lords and guildmasters) wear it too but isn't possible to obtain it from them. I read about some hints on Steam community, but they are again about Warband game, and I don't trust them so much:

- 1% of chances to find it in any shop, really??
- could be find while looting a village near Praven, even if possible I don't want to loot a village!

Thanks for your help! :grin:
In Warband while activating the cheat menu you could use a panel to scroll through all items, no clue about mount and blade, but you could try that way.
1. check the shop where you sold it, usually it takes 2 days in-game for the shop items to get changed.
2. check other shops to see if they sell it, yes it can be found even if it is 1% of chance because sometimes when I go to shops I see it in there.
3.m&b morgh editor, you can edit in-game items and troops' gear with it (not sure if you can increase its chance of appearing in the shop though but give it a try also backup your save files because idk if it mess them up :mrgreen:).
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