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It should be a setting to disable balancing mechanics that keep ai from wiping each other out, i played warband and tried to be a low level opportunist in the Vaegir territories but no wars ever started because Vaegirs were too weak from a 4 side war so i spent hours in real time waiting for them to go to war, there was plenty of motivation for other factions to attack yet they didn't because they were ai and the system said not, that realization ruined the feel of a world in which i have choices but that im not the main character and instead made me feel like the campaign was a bit redundant then as only i had the power to change anything that mattered so my goals of do this or that or take this area or that one just became a question of how much time do i want to spend making it so i can wipe out an entire nation all by myself. With bannerlord most people will play casually but for the sake of those who dont wanna pretend like they are opportunists and warriors and would rather earn the skill and title please allow an option to disable it and let the ai do as they please as they would if they were players.
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