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Good afternoon, I continued my research on the topic of ping and animations.
I present to your attention a more visual option - Link on YT

As you can see from my video, the higher the ping = more visually broken animation.
I believe that the speed with which you change the direction of an attack (feints) can greatly confuse players with a higher ping and often they simply do not have time to see the blow (we are not even talking about the reaction to this blow, you cannot block what you don’t see, or what you see in the last frame of the animation)

I created a dedicated server about a year ago and, as expected, I played with 0 ping (usually my ping is 70 on EU servers). It was a completely different experience, I saw how the game works for people with close to 0 ping and was amazed at the animation speed.

Imagine what advantage a player with a ping of 70 has over a player with a ping of 150?
Now draw an analogy and see that the same difference will be observed among players with a ping of 15 and 70, for example.

I understand that you are unlikely to be able to do anything about this at the moment. Please do not think that I am trying to put pressure on you - under no circumstances. There are things that are arranged differently from our desires/expectations, I understand this very well.
I'm just trying to show things that are worth working on in the future.
Totally agree. I was wondering if i was doing anything wrong, because of this i'm being disadvantaged in a position that i should be advantageous. I always play with ~50 ping. Thank you Ruskor for bringing it up.
What about 70+ ping players that blocks everything and swing faster than low ping players?
Most of the time you can clearly see the hitbox mid air that didn't even touch you,this game is full of frustated people who will create even handmade scripts for ruining other experience.

Lock on target,autoblock,ranged attack are the most common cheats in this community. Low ping players use them too.

Otherwise forced lags and spikes to more than 200 ping every time you get close to those same individuals,it's not a random thing. Is probably the newest and most cursed cheat i ever seen in this game.
Ruining the experience of other players for your personal pleasure can only bring to death this game.And it's near it,we can clearly see the players base in MP

For most people is more strange playing normally than using cheats,keep this in mind.

For most of them is impossible to block or aim by themself even with a mouse and keyboard.. really?

People plays with gamepad too,and it's way more difficult.

This game become just a big circus,people who don't know these things get constantly pressed in chat for being not good at the game until they quit.

This is the Bannerlord multiplayer real face.
And Is sad.
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