How much time do you think Bannerlord will be in EA?

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Callum has stated he believes it will still be a year.

However, what I can say is that our original estimate when releasing the game was to spend around a year in early access before the full-release and I think we are still on track for that.
They said 1 year but if we consider Taleworlds' timing problem it'll take much longer than that, Callum said we'll add everything what we said in Steam, I checked them and most of them isn't out. If we say they don't working on them secretly and if we take a look at their pace I'd say around 3 years
Really do not care... as long as they roll out the mods soon.
I had very little expectation for base main game.
I am really here for the CUSTOM mods...

Just like going into a Lunch and Learn... I am there for food (perhaps maybe learn something).
For them to finish what they have planned and have stated will be in the game? Probably around 1 year as they have planned, maybe a few months more if some unforeseen stuff pops up.

Problem is people keep assuming they're going to be adding big new features and all this jazz, when they have so far not stated anything to back that up. Their EA description and everything they've posted seems to indicate that what you see is what you get. Every system or feature that isn't implemented yet at least has a placeholder in game and will eventually come.

Where all these extra new features people keep expecting and the time needed for them are coming from I have no idea.
I expect they should start focusing on custom server support as well as releasing their editor if they want any substantial interest in the game while it's in EA.
It depends. If they do just what it says on the steam page than they are on track with their initial assumption (1 year). If they want something more ambitious (like true dipomacy system, hierarchy system and more) its gonna take them at least a year or two more.
After 1.4.3 and today's patch, I don't know? They still have not even fixed the things the hotfix broke much less balanced and fixed the new implements. The wanderer traits still don't work, and that was from 2 weeks ago. At this pace I say two years.
A year and 24 months I think, that is to say, very soon™.
For me, delaying is not a problem. irresponsible is.
They didn´t make ANY improvement after the 2 months refactoring, so will be "finished" in 2022. With less features than MB VC had years ago. And the fanboys will still love it.
It makes me nervous that they think they are still on track for release in their 1 year timeframe, that means the game is most likely not missing much featurewise and they are mostly swatting balancing and bugs at this point.

I'd rather see them spend another couple of years adding all the basic things that people expected them to, features that were in warband and it's DLCs and mods.
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