How much longer do we have to wait for more MP News?

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The last Statements Regarding Multiplayer was in September of 2020, about 5 months ago. In the last few Development update videos there has been extremely sparse information regarding multiplayer and I think the community deserves to know what is going on with said development. At the bare minimum give us a timeframe to expect more information. We would like to hear more of what is in the pipeline; Personally I would like to hear about the progress of the 1-life gamemode, Private Servers, Server stability because NA skirmish has been crashing every other game, and Modding tools that will enable MP mods to progress in development.

Now to be a lovable nuisance im tag: @AVRC @Callum @Klebari @NIN3 ; Pls answer


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OP, It's going to be difficult to get enough concrete information to satisfy your hunger for new developments in this area... :iamamoron:
Callum seems out of tune... better to try Dejan.


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I want one development post for every dollar I paid for this game

But in seriousness, I would like to know what’s being planned for future patches. It’s kinda frustrating when a game breaking thing is released and we all have to suffer while we wait till another patch fixes it (remember crushed through? And it wasn’t fixed for a good long while) that could’ve been stopped probably.
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