How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

How many of us still even have Bannerlord installed?

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I'm curious because ... after so many minor little updates, I thought to myself : "Well, this game really is just taking up space on my hard drive right now .... so I think I will re-install it later - when it finally receives an update of significance".
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I only have bannerlord installed to check what's new in the mods I am tracking. But I won't start a new campaign until the release of some mods like In the Name of Jerusalem and Eagle Rising.


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I have it installed. But haven't properly played it in at least half a year at this point.





I do, but only in hopes that they will improve the game. Honestly though, I see the occasional chin-wagging but nothing much to show for it. Its like Taleworlds are just dillydallying along.

Edit - In the end I just had to make a gif, its like this is all a joke.

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I have no shortage of space on my PC. I haven't played in a couple of months though. Was looking forward to trying 1.6 but it doesn't seem to contain much.


I uninstalled it, and I won't install it until they add significant amount of new content and fixes/improvements to the game.
I keep checking in from time to time, but the only thing I keep seeing lately is a spam filter to chat that has been added. WOW.
Why am I not surprised... half of the people here don't even have the game installed and from the people who have the game installed I bet the majority don't regularly play the game...
I attribute this to factors like:
  • Lack of features
  • Not fixing bugs or issues that ruin the game since launch
  • Performance issues
On a positive note, Bannerlord still is a good game with great potential, keep improving on it and, hopefully, it will be an amazing game.
I have installed it after 1.6 since playing it last november and was pleasantly surprised that all those small patches amounted to a much better gameplay experience.

Im now in my current playthrough on day 700 and determined to play it till the end, because even though its not Warband 2, it has become an enjoyable game.

The above statement is subjective and based on my personal opinion. I’ve not been a defender of TW’s practices in this EA but I enjoy the game now more then a year ago and like playing it.
Not installed. Sometimes I want to reinstall and try it again, but flashbacks of braindead AI in sieges and battles, and the bone-gnawing grind make me think better of that plan.


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I'd probably want to play if simple things like death in non-player battles were implemented.
Just end up complaining about the same things whenever I check the forum.


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I almost uninstalled it a couple months ago but had a change of heart in the last minute. It was actually a shocking moment for me personally considering how many years I was hyped for this game. Now it's just there taking up space as I have stopped playing a long time ago.


Is Donald Trump the new Harlaus? If he's not, I don't understand the third option.
Oh, and I uninstalled it two weeks ago to make space for Made in Abyss.


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I keep it installed to see how the early access will progress but i haven't touched bannerlord since they added that cool cinematic, what's there is currently unbalanced/incomplete and i have more fun for now playing warband with it's awesome mods.


It's installed, I have about 100GB of data relative to Bannerlord and I'm okay with it. To keep it short and simple, I love modding for this game to the point where I have been making a modpack for both 1.5.9 and 1.6 - which was influenced by a modpack named Super Calradia and incompatibily that all these mods have with RBM.

Unfortunately, I am on a break from Bannerlord for a week or two. Recently while playing New World, I elbowed a drink for about the third time recently, typically they were close calls but this time it finally made a dent in my PC! I was using my 1060 as a backup when my 2080 Super went down (I was too lazy to RMA it). Killed my 1060. So now I am working on that RMA. Meanwhile I remembered I recently got my Shadow activated (cloud pc), so I'm using that on top of a... let's called a "display adapter" GPU, Radeon R7 240. Shadow is solid but knowing how long I play games it'll eat bandwidth fast, so I'm not installing Bannerlord on Shadow.

Ordered a used 1070 for around 250 dollars to replace my 1060, and will be waiting for that to arrive before I get back into the game again.
2 months w\o updates so im waiting for something decent. didnt played for like a half a year. tried 1.5.7 and deleted it after 30 minutes


Uninstalled the game in may and haven't been playing it ever since. It is such a mess. They "fix" one bug - a dozen new ones takes its place. Some very obvious bugs from months ago are still present ("being investigated"). Vanilla core combat and equipment stats system is still lame.
It can be redeemed with mods, but the devs cripple modding even further by adding hardcoded values, additional keywords/scripts etc. Updating/developing complex mods for this buggy mess gets progressively harder with each "update", thus modders lose enthusiasm, burn out and eventually quit.

I am 100% sure that TW will not be able to fix their game on their own (they had 12 ****ing years). Even the "release" version will be bugged and unbalanced to the core, full of unnecessary, zero-fun mechanics and strange features, which no one has asked for.
Our only hope is that game files will become 100% accessible, so modders could turn this crap into the greatest M&B experience.
However, something tells me even that is too much to ask for.
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Installed, never uninstalled it, got a dozen mods,
and having the time of my life playing this great game.
The map events are great, the towns are rad, the battles are awesome, the equipment's cool, and everything works like it's supposed to even with all the mods.
Bravo, Taleworlds!

PS: Even playing it on Beta 1.6.0 the games rocks. Very little to no stutter, no crashes ( except when trying crappy mods ) and smooth play as butter. Love this game!

PPS: Been playing it every day, not gotten tired of it at all, replayability is emmense.
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