How long have you played the BETA?

How long have you played the beta?

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Mostly because I don't really like M&B multiplayer. Just gave it a try, got **** on and exited the game. Please don't hate me.


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17 hours in 3 days, I wish I get it earlier. I couldn't play so much on the first day. I got performance problems on the first day later they added siege and my performance got better, played 16 hours in 2 days
0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds, I did consider applying but decided against it. I am too much of a sore loser to appreciate competitive multiplayer.


56 hours which is kind of surprising tbh. I am more of a singleplayer person these days though I'm ok with playing a big mode like siege, otherwise I can get too frustrated when things don't go my way, as much as I hate to admit that. Of course siege hasn't really been around until this weekend, I still put a good few hours in before that and then this weekend I'll be honest, I've just no lifed it.
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